"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."

Matthew 6:21

The Ministry of Entrepreneurship

God has blessed many believers with entrepreneurial ideas that bring value to others and these ideas are supposed to bring profits too.  How many members in your congregation are entrepreneurs or business owners or aspire to be? It’s estimated that 27 million Americans will leave the traditional workforce in favor of full-time self-employment by 2020. …

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Preparing for your business for the 2020 Tax Season

The TCJA established a new deduction for some — but not all — pass-through entities, including partnerships, S corporations, sole proprietorships and limited liability companies. To qualify, a taxpayer with pass-through business income must make less than $315,000, if filing jointly, or less than $157,500 for all others. If you do qualify, you may be entitled…

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Tips for managing time as a Single Parent

– Achieving balance as a single parent: Know and write down (or type out)  all commitments to see them realistically. Gauge what can be minimized and what are your non-negotiables. For me I had to balance between being a single parent, working full-time, commuting 2-3 hours in traffic one way, child’s extracurricular activities (guitar lessons and football),…

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82% of businesses that flop, fail due to some sort of financial issue!

The website, for example, includes an article on security that addresses the computer security problem, as well as several related problems. The article, by Caron Beesley, a small business owner, writer, and marketing communications consultant, begins as follows [italics added]: “How secure are your small business assets from fraud, identity theft and cybercrime? According…

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Larger networks can lead to more money

I was thinking about how I could serve all the businesses I am connected with. How is your business coming? It’s Labor Day weekend, which means the holidays (and basically the end of the year) is upon us. Planning and accomplishing goals is not an option it’s vital. If this is a struggle for you,…

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Certified Financial Planner Candidate

Becoming a financial planner is vital to my future career plans as it solidifies my credibility within this role. Having this certification manifested is important because it’ll be a barrier broken on the financial generational curse not only on my family but all connected to us. Being able to a community of my peers, youth…

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New Year, New Money?

With a New Year upon us, this time of year seems to offer moments of reflection for the things that have gone right and the things we wish to improve upon. As 2019 approaches, a thing to review and analyze is the state of your financial security. I recommend creating financial goals not just for…

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Money Right for 2K19

Hey Ya’ll! How was this New Year? Listen, the major goal I want to help ya’ll with is getting your coins right and keep them right this year! 2K19 will be about breaking old habits, saving money, accomplishing goals, knowing which financial goals are achievable and a plan to get you there! What are your…

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Money and Motherhood: Part I

Prioritizing the wants and needs of your child(ren) is terribly hard. First, let me start by saying that motherhood the hardest most rewarding duty I’ve ever held. For me, there was once a time period where I had to decide whether I was going to buy food or diapers. I was broke. I am proud…

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