"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."

Matthew 6:21

Certified Financial Planner Candidate

Becoming a financial planner is vital to my future career plans as it solidifies my credibility within this role. Having this certification manifested is important because it’ll be a barrier broken on the financial generational curse not only on my family but all connected to us. Being able to a community of my peers, youth…

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New Year, New Money?

With a New Year upon us, this time of year seems to offer moments of reflection for the things that have gone right and the things we wish to improve upon. As 2019 approaches, a thing to review and analyze is the state of your financial security. I recommend creating financial goals not just for…

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Money Right for 2K19

Hey Ya’ll! How was this New Year? Listen, the major goal I want to help ya’ll with is getting your coins right and keep them right this year! 2K19 will be about breaking old habits, saving money, accomplishing goals, knowing which financial goals are achievable and a plan to get you there! What are your…

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Money and Motherhood: Part I

Prioritizing the wants and needs of your child(ren) is terribly hard. First, let me start by saying that motherhood the hardest most rewarding duty I’ve ever held. For me, there was once a time period where I had to decide whether I was going to buy food or diapers. I was broke. I am proud…

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Less than blessed without him: part II

    So I scrolled across Essence clap back and defense to the article about Ashanti published earlier this year. It really struck a nerve. The bashing article that Essence was clapping back on was about Ashanti being single and the notion from said article that because she was manless and childless, something had to…

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New Year, New Money

What did you tell yourself at the end of 2017 that you’d do differently in 2018? Most of ya’ll or should I say us, lol, came up with great lies to tell ourselves about how different we’d be with money, how much more we’d save, how we’d spend less on the things we didn’t need.…

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Fearful 2 Start?

  When your passion cannot be quenched by passively ignoring your calling, you need to move on it. If you have this undying desire to do more for others in your circles and community then why not start? What’s holding you up? Fear of failure? Well, guess what, the best lessons come from failure! So…

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Less than Blessed without him?

Tonight I was conversing with a family member as I often do. We were speaking on how single women are deemed as something wrong with them if their life is amazing yet they have no man in their life i.e. single. Why is that? If a man had his own, well everything –  house, car, stable…

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You living blessed or nah?

When I first decided to become an entrepreneur and step out on faith, it truly scared me. I was thinking…what if it fails?, what if I’m horrible?, what if I’m really not cut out for this? Guess what ya’ll, all of those negative messages were only in my head. Those thoughts caused me to fear.…

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