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Meet Ebony R. Murphy

Owner & Founder of Blessed Budgets

When the owner, Ebony R. Murphy decided to use her expertise and personal experience to help educate and empower others struggling with the necessity of researching, starting, and budgeting for a new business venue, Blessed Budgets® was born. Since opening its doors in 2015, in Northern Virginia, Blessed Budgets® has been able to assist hundreds of clients- including entrepreneurs, start-up businesses, non-profit organizations, government contractors and those who need research and strategic planning assistance. She has also assisted businesses with money management, financial planning & education- all through their customized one-on-one planning services. Blessed Budgets® focuses on providing affordable and easy-to-use approaches at helping clients understand and grow their business. As the company continues to grow, the Blessed Budgets® experience remains the same.

no need to feel overwhlemed! research solves problems when implemented correctly.


THE ANGEL BEHIND Blessed Budgets®

From pain to purpose, Ebony R. Murphy, CEO of Virginia-based Black Owned Business & Consulting Organization, Blessed Budgets®, has successfully built a business and life that faithful dreams are made of. Born and raised in Central Florida, she was exposed to more violence and poverty than tourism and theme parks. Ebony developed both a love for numbers and helping others at an early age. As the youngest in her family, and the daughter of an Air Force Veteran and a college professor, Ebony’s path to helping shape businesses and financial futures across the globe started with her dishing out answers to business struggles through research to friends and family. Research was fun and easy for her. Soon afterwards, her love of research, numbers, financial literacy and compiling figures sprinkled with strategic planning gave life to the dream of officially starting a business that would educate, empower and equip people with the tools necessary to be successful business owners. While she enjoyed helping others, Ebony, herself a United States Air Force Veteran, served as the first official client for Blessed Budgets®. After leaving the Air Force, surviving a costly divorce, battling for child custody and support and finding herself homeless and living out of her car. Ebony was able to rise above it all to erase more than $60,000 in debt through proper budget planning and researching multiple streams of income. The researcher & numbers enthusiast, who is now financially stable, started Blessed Budgets® in 2015. Blessed Budgets®, which focuses on business planning and empowering entrepreneurs, newlyweds, new college graduates or those who simply need help with mapping out their businesses plan and financial independence, gives Ebony the perfect fusion of giving back and satisfying her own love for crunching numbers. Ebony maintains that her ultimate goal is to “teach what I’ve learned, to save people time and money in personal and business life.” When Ebony isn’t assisting clients with customized business plans and extensive Excel worksheets, she’s spending time with her son while strengthening her Christian faith, which she credits for both her life- where she’s come and where she’s going- and her business. While her journey started out in struggle, there’s only one word that can possibly describe Ebony Murphy: Blessed.

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