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Ebony wants you to win! That’s the bottom line. She works for you in two lanes: Personal Financial Literacy and Business Consulting (from initial startups to sustaining your organization).

You’ve worked hard to start your business, if you’re like most people, you want to make sure you’re maximizing, managing, and spending properly in preparation for future sustainability and growth.


Allow the team at Blessed Budgets® to tackle the hard questions for you as we create a customized plan geared at guiding you down the road to the financial security from heaven.



Step 1

You make the commitment to your financial future by contacting me for a consultation.


Step 2

I advise you on how to make the most of what you have to get what you want in the future.


Step Three

Together, we work closely as we not only craft your customized plan but also provide you insight and education on what actions need to be taken and how to master them going forward.


Step 4

Once I finalize your plan, I am available to answer any and all questions you have during the duration of your plan. 


Step 5

If there are any life-changes or updates, we discuss revisions to your plans.

Financial services:


Financial Resources

the tools needed to increase your budget and financial bottom lines. Allow us to find money available for your business. As an entrepreneur, you need to secure sufficient financial resources in order to be able to operate efficiently and sufficiently well to promote success

grant opportunities

a list of grant funding opportunities from federal, local and state sectors. This service does not include grant writing, however, a grant writer can be recommended

financial goals Review

A financial multi-point inspection and "grade" of your current financial plan. Includes analysis and recommendations on adjustments needed to meet your goals

Start up business forecast

an estimate of revenues, expenses, and cash flow needed to start, to grow and ultimately to sustain your business over a designated timeframe

Combined Personal and Business Budget

Ideal for start-up entrepreneurs who are curious on how their current income will be able to support their business. Includes all business and personal finance income and expenses

Financial Forecasting

is estimating or predicting how a business will perform in the future. Personal forecasting is also an option. For example, forecasting how much income you'll need in 2020 to do all that you desire

budget analysis

involves examining and explaining the components of the budget expenditures and revenue. Budget indicators can help to improve understanding of issues such as the level of implementation of expenditure and revenue in the structure of the budget

Business research

for B2B connections and client leads list. Business to business also called B to B or B2B, is a form of transaction between businesses. These lists are also great for knowing who your competition is

Business Profit Goal Forecaster

calculated template that allows the business owner to input products and services to project future profit goals. Great to MLM and network marketers

Marketing Budget

outlines all the money a business intends to spend on marketing-related projects over time. Marketing budgets can include expenses such as paid advertising, sponsored web content, social media marketing, promotion and print materials, etc. Execution of marketing plan included.

 govt contracting resources

Your network is your net worth. Work with us to acquire business connections for partnerships, networking, team matchmaking for prime, sub government contracting, contracts locator assistance for state/federal and recommendations to overcome lack of past performance

non-profit budget

budget gives structure and substance to a nonprofit's plans. The budget makes a strong statement about the organization's intentions and plans as it indicates what the nonprofit expects to tackle in the coming year, or years.

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