Fearful 2 Start?


When your passion cannot be quenched by passively ignoring your calling, you need to move on it. If you have this undying desire to do more for others in your circles and community then why not start? What’s holding you up? Fear of failure? Well, guess what, the best lessons come from failure! So what if you fail, if this is your desires you have to keep it moving until you accomplish your goals.

I know how it is to second guess what I feel the Lord was leading me to do. Second guess, third guess…so on and so forth. However, with procrastination comes disobedience. I heard from a sermon once that delayed obedience is still disobedience. What are you delaying to move on that the Lord had repeatedly told and confirmed to you? Most folks say that it’s the money factor that keeps them delayed. Well, Blessed Budgets can assist here. Check out our services page offering budgets, sales forecasts, and cash flow analysis.

Over time I felt guilty for not moving on my passion and selfish to not share my knowledge with the world to help with money topics. What are you passionate about? Are you doing what the Lord told you to do? Are you planning to start or procrastinating?

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