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New Year, New Money

What did you tell yourself at the end of 2017 that you’d do differently in 2018? Most of ya’ll or should I say us, lol, came up with great lies to tell ourselves about how different we’d be with money, how much more we’d save, how we’d spend less on the things we didn’t need.…

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Fearful 2 Start?

  When your passion cannot be quenched by passively ignoring your calling, you need to move on it. If you have this undying desire to do more for others in your circles and community then why not start? What’s holding you up? Fear of failure? Well, guess what, the best lessons come from failure! So…

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Less than Blessed without him?

Tonight I was conversing with a family member as I often do. We were speaking on how single women are deemed as something wrong with them if their life is amazing yet they have no man in their life i.e. single. Why is that? If a man had his own, well everything –  house, car, stable…

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