Less than Blessed without him?

Tonight I was conversing with a family member as I often do. We were speaking on how single women are deemed as something wrong with them if their life is amazing yet they have no man in their life i.e. single. Why is that? If a man had his own, well everything –  house, car, stable income – and chose to be single there would not be a problem. He would surely be applauded for remaining single and grinding. Why is it the stereotype for female, black female at that? Why is it a problem if she desires to stay single and grind? Better yet, why do some women refer to life being great BUT…or life would be better IF they had a “him” in their life? I can’t lie at one point this was me. I was like God, everything in my life is great, all I need is a husband. But lawd, why was God not enough for me?

It’s as if we need (or needed) a ring on our left hand and a guy to “want” us in order for our life to have greater meaning. Now, I am not saying the Lord doesn’t want us in matrimony but what I am saying is if it is not your time yet, you are not less than just because you don’t have a husband. While you are yet single, do the things you enjoy and even try new things while getting to know and love the beautiful you. Travel the world, progress in your career, get fit and fine, change your bad eating habits, spend more quality time with your children and family members, join a professional organization, stack your money and get your credit right!

Bottom line, you are blessed solely because the Lord still has you on earth. You’re still here for a purpose. Having a “him” in your life is only icing on the cake. Be blessed fam and live your best-blessed life with or without him!

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