Less than blessed without him: part II



So I scrolled across Essence clap back and defense to the article about Ashanti published earlier this year. It really struck a nerve. The bashing article that Essence was clapping back on was about Ashanti being single and the notion from said article that because she was manless and childless, something had to be wrong with her. Like are you serious?

Why is this a problem? First off if this is her choice then support her. Same with Tracee Ellis Ross. It’s their choice! If you’re a single woman and focused on other things like your career, lifestyle, whatever it’s your prerogative! Do it and do it well! Don’t let other people opinions stop your shine. Be great, do you boo boo!

P.S. I have to add that while you’re out here being great please ball out responsibly and not recklessly. K, thanks.

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