You living blessed or nah?

When I first decided to become an entrepreneur and step out on faith, it truly scared me. I was thinking…what if it fails?, what if I’m horrible?, what if I’m really not cut out for this? Guess what ya’ll, all of those negative messages were only in my head. Those thoughts caused me to fear. Then you have to think (or at least I  did), hold up – wait a minute…God gave me this passion and drive, who am I to question this? If He placed this desire in me then obviously it was for a purpose. I enjoy budgeting, I mean really enjoy playing with numbers and seeing how much money can be saved while paying debts off at the same time. Truth is I’d be doing this for people even if I didn’t get paid for it.

I say all that to say, I had to ask myself – “why not start a business to do what you love?” What has God asked you to do? What skills or passions can’t you shake? I’ll ask you the same thing, why not start a business doing what you love? To provide extra income for your family, to help and bless others, to give back to the community? Why would you not step out on faith and take this journey? For one, the time passes anyway. Don’t have enough money? That’s where I come in to assist. You have to want this bad enough to ensure your children and family are not living paycheck to paycheck. If you have a vision for a business idea that the Lord has given you, why sleep on it? Don’t! Get up and get moving. You can start with connecting with me to see what the numbers can look like for your products and services and see how to live in your blessed future indeed!


Stay Blessed, E.


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