Money and Motherhood: Part I

Prioritizing the wants and needs of your child(ren) is terribly hard. First, let me start by saying that motherhood the hardest most rewarding duty I’ve ever held. For me, there was once a time period where I had to decide whether I was going to buy food or diapers. I was broke. I am proud to say that my child has never missed a meal but I have “fasted” many a day.

Now that I am no longer living paycheck to paycheck, I can acknowledge that at times I feel guilty about giving my son all his wants. I think this stems from all the times I couldn’t give me any wants because I could barely take care of his needs. Thank God for family and a village every place I’ve lived.

Once I got financially stable, I was happy to give him his wants and especially his needs but I had to let go of the guilt trip. I was and am thankful to God for bringing me out. Just wanted to shout all the mothers out here grinding for their children. You are not forgotten, you are very appreciated! Keep doing what you’re doing! You got this!


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